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Peace and Plenty Community Garden

June 3, 2012 Community Garden Blessing August 2016 Garden

This webpage presents to our congregation and all members of our local community the PMC Peace and Plenty Community Garden.

The garden is open to anyone so please spread the word. All plots will be 4 feet by 8 feet, and each person/family may have up to four plots.

P&P Garden - 2015 Demo Garden - 2015
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Community Garden Guidelines:

1. All vine-like plants, such as tomatoes, must be staked or caged (stakes are provided).
2. All plants must be kept within the allotted space of each individual garden so that pathways are kept clear.
3. No use of non-organic pesticides or herbicides.
4. All tools must be returned to storage area when not being used.
5. Please recoil and return the hoses to their proper place when finished watering.
6. Each person is responsible for tending and weeding their own plot.
7. All weeds and plant waste must be taken to designated area and not left in walkways or lawn.
8. If you are able to water the entire garden when you are checking on your plot, please do so.
9. Please do not touch or pick vegetables from others’ plots unless given permission to do so.
10. Annuals only. No perennials such as asparagus, rhubarb, etc.
11. Have fun and enjoy God’s creation!